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Timothy Calkins, DDS Timothy Calkins, DDS

Porcelain Bridges

Your teeth help you talk, eat, and smile. When you lose one or more teeth because of disease, an accident, or genetics, you don’t have to live with an incomplete smile. In addition to general dentistry services, Timothy D. Calkins, DDS offers dental bridges in Lincoln, NE. With his help, you can resume these daily activities with confidence in your appearance.

We want you to be as informed as possible when it comes to your dental options. Before you schedule your appointment for dental bridges in our Lincoln, NE office, you should learn how they can improve your smile. While other options exist to help with tooth replacement, a bridge can be a wonderful solution. Depending on the circumstance, other treatment recommendations may be made such as implants with crowns or in conjunction with bridges or dentures. Ask any question that comes to mind about what dental solutions we have recommended for you.

What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges can close small or large gaps between existing teeth. Dr. Calkins uses crowns on natural teeth and a fake tooth in between any gaps to create a seamless look.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Bridges?

Many people believe that bridges are purely cosmetic. While dental bridges do restore your smile, they also have other health benefits. Getting a bridge can restore your face shape, help you chew and speak with less pain, and keep your natural teeth in proper position.

Do Dental Bridges Feel Natural?

You may wonder if your dental bridges will feel and act like your natural teeth. Bridges are meant to restore your smile to its natural state. After we fill in the gaps between your teeth, you’ll notice that daily activities such as speaking and eating become easier and can be performed with confidence. You can care for your bridge the same way you would care for normal teeth: with a healthy brushing and flossing routine, morning and night.

The Dentist Who Cares

We understand that our patients want exceptional dental services coupled with caring staff and high standards. Dr. Calkins has served the Lincoln community for more than 30 years. When you come to him for general dentistry and dental bridges in Lincoln, NE, you’re joining an office that treats patients like we’d treat family. Request an appointment online or telephone 402-488-1661 today.

We treat people, not just teeth.

We focus on preventative care and patient education


“I have been a patient of Dr. Calkins for over 20 years. All of my kids have gone to him since they were toddlers. Very conservative in his approach, never tries to do an expensive treatment if it isn’t necessary. Great at giving numbing shots, can’t even feel the needle.”


“I’ve been going to Dr. Calkins for several years and will continue to do so. Tim is very professional, knowledgeable, thorough, and patient. I very much appreciate the time he takes to educate me about dental health, to show me my x-ray, or to explain a procedure. I highly recommend Dr. Calkins and his excellent team.”


“You know when you come back from your dentist feeling good you know you’ve picked the right one. I could go to any dentist in Lincoln but Dr. Calkins and his staff are it for me. After seeing him for over 20 years I’ve always been treated as if I’m his only patient. Who feels strongly enough about their dentist to actually post?”

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